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Team REVLY Ambassadors

Want to join Team REVLY? Apply to be part of our ambassador program! If chosen, ambassadors will receive exclusive discounts in exchange for regularly taking/posting photos in REVLY. The role of a Team REVLY ambassador is to inspire others to be the best versions of themselves and uplift those around them while spreading brand awareness. 

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So far, we have chosen these extraordinary young women who inspire and empower us everyday. Meet the members of the Team REVLY Ambassador program: 


Jamie Robbins

Recently having retired from playing D1 volleyball at UCLA, Jamie fills her days by sweating at a spin class, hanging out with friends, and continuously growing her large Instagram following. Jamie is the life of every party and has never found herself in a situation that she can’t joke her way out of. She is almost always at the beach rocking what she’s got and loves to stay active outdoors. Jamie aspires to one day be an entrepreneur of her own and build an empire (while simultaneously hoping she just gets adopted by Jay-Z and Beyoncé in the meantime). 



 Breanna Barksdale



With a degree in marketing from Auburn University, this former D1 volleyball player now works in San Diego as a real estate agent, coach at Exodus Volleyball Club and as a volunteer at Monarch School for the homeless youth in San Diego County. The coolest part? Bre is in the process of starting up a non-profit called Save High School Foundation. Throughout her years of playing volleyball, she learned a lot about herself which fulfilled her desire to be a part of something bigger, i.e. a team. Bre aims to give this sense of self-acceptance and opportunity to bridge the gap for children that did not have the same access to resources as she did (whether that is providing gear, funding for club seasons, etc.). Bre’s ultimate goal is to open a multi-sport complex where kids can work out, practice, and explore their active interests and hobbies. When she’s not off changing the world, Bre loves to work out and relax in the sun.


Mikaela Matthews

After playing 5 years of D1 volleyball at Rutgers University, Mikaela graduated with a bachelor of science AND a master’s degree in public health. She is currently gaining clinical experience and taking classes before applying to Physician’s Assistant (PA) school programs.Her dream career is to become a PA and work with low-income individuals and help make a difference in people’s lives through health education and medical science. When Mikaela isn’t in the clinic or studying, you can find her sweating in a spin class (she is a sucker for a hard challenge with some good music). Her favorite off-day activity is to hit the beach for a day filled with great company, good weather, and beach volleyball.


Jordan Patchell



A former Saint Mary’s D1 collegiate athlete for both the Women’s Crew team and Beach Volleyball team, Jordan loves to live an active and healthy lifestyle. Now at BYU majoring in Art History, she stays active in Utah by hiking, running, and skiing. Of course, living in Laguna Beach over the summer with an avid volleyball family, she can’t go too long without playing some beach volleyball. Jordan took some time off of school to live in Australia for a year and half as a volunteer missionary for her church speaking Mandarin Chinese. With a love for fashion, Jordan keeps up with trends with small modeling gigs and building her portfolio. 


Cierra Simpson

After playing 4 years of D1 volleyball at the University of Colorado and 1 year of beach volleyball at Loyola Marymount University, Cierra graduated with a bachelor’s degree in advertising and a master’s in educational studies. She now works in media sales at KTLA with goals of becoming an account executive. Promoting ideas of positive body image and self love are very high on Cierra’s priority list - she loves the progress that has been made but knows there is still MUCH more to be done! Even though she has hung up the jersey, Cierra still loves to jump in pick-up games on the weekend at the beach. A Colorado girl at heart, you can find her out hiking, running and staying active outdoors during her free time! 


Lauren Norheim

Recently graduated from Stanford as a D1 water polo player, Lauren is now applying for Physician Assistant school programs. She wants to work with underserved populations doing community and global health work. She is up for any adventure: whether that is solo traveling around the world, camping and hiking, surfing and free diving, or the daily adventure of working with homeless in San Francisco. Lauren likes to keep in shape by playing for a local club water polo team and hitting the gym.