Meet The Team

Jordan. Founder/Designer.


My idea to create REVLY stemmed from my own personal journey of self-acceptance. I grew up in Southern California constantly surrounded by beach bodies and standards that shattered my confidence. Instead of flaunting my body at the beach with friends, weekend water activities ended up becoming the most anxiety-ridden parts of my life. I started dieting and did anything I could to lose weight, putting all of my happiness in a number on a scale. Finally, I realized that my worth was not dependent on set media standards and I knew that I needed to help inspire other people to fight back. Because bikinis used to bring me so much anxiety, I wanted to create a line of active swimwear that inspired others to be just as happy with themselves.


Sydney. Creative Director.

My struggle for body confidence spurred from an unhealthy level of self-comparison with others. Growing up, instead of celebrating my differences I beat myself up for not looking like my friends or the models in the magazines I swore by. Through various artistic activities and specific courses in college, I began to find my voice and decided to start sharing my story. Through blogging and volunteering with young women, I have decided that my purpose in this life is to help break past societal standards and build up the confidence of those surrounding me. When Jordan asked me to come along and help her build REVLY I knew that this was the perfect opportunity.