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Hi! I'm Jordan, the founder and designer of REVLY Sport. Here's the scoop... I have always loved bikinis and growing up in Southern California, it is all that I would wear. However, I would always find myself comparing my body to other girls at the beach and never felt good enough. 

The idea for REVLY stemmed from my own personal struggle with the way I value myself and perceive my body. The goal is to take the stress out of swimwear shopping and build confidence through flattering cuts. Everyone deserves to feel beautiful and comfortable in a bathing suit. With our free shipping and free return policy, you can try on your REVLY suit in the comfort of your own home, without the terrible dressing room lighting that I swear adds at least 20 lbs.

REVLY aims to empower women to be the best versions of themselves, whatever that may look like. Yes, this is about body positivity but the main point is to change the conversation and to stop judging and comparing ourselves to the women around us, but instead be inspired by how unique and different we all are.

Let’s redirect our energy. Instead of focusing on models and other people that you assume have it all, focus that energy on improving yourself in a positive way. We can all be a better friend, better daughter, better partner and a better person.

So, I hope you join us and the rest of Team REVLY in this confidence revolution and rock what you got!