Who We Are

When you think swimwear, what do you think? Stress? Anxiety? Judgment?

Swimwear was created to have carefree fun with friends and family. It is supposed to be a symbol of activity, freedom and a laid-back lifestyle. Putting on a bathing suit should be an automatic sign of fun. It shouldn't be dreaded. 

Our fashion industry has turned swimwear into one of the biggest sources of stress for people. When we put on swimwear, we are vulnerable and it exposes our biggest insecurities. Being in this state turns what should be carefree fun into an anxious and unpleasant experience. And what’s worse, is we are told by the industry that we shouldn't be happy in swimwear unless we look like every airbrushed model on social media. We are continuously told not to love ourselves. Well, that stops with us.

REVLY is here to halt the madness.

We aren’t just another swimwear brand. When you wear our suits, you are a part of something special. You are joining a unique group of people that aren’t JUST tired of body shaming, we are tired of discrimination on all fronts against all people. We are pushing back against misogyny, racism, and ageism by joining together in our most vulnerable state and celebrating ourselves. Be comfortable in the skin you are in and be proud of who you are and what you stand for. Mix and match our active swimwear to create a unique style for your own body and mindset. No, our swimwear will not change the way you look, but that is exactly the point. You shouldn’t change who you are to conform to a standard. We aren’t here to fix what isn’t broken. Our goal, simply, is to change the way you feel. Put on our active swimwear, find that inner confidence and start rocking what you got!