You Are Good Enough As You Came

You Are Good Enough As You Came

Hey guys! I can't stop thinking about this and had to share with you all:

I know this one may be overplayed but I caught myself in the act today. Picture the scene: I wake up feeling inspired and longing to get my zen on. I sign up for a hot flow yoga class and off I went.

I haven’t been in a while so I am feeling pretty nervous about my form to begin with. Class gets going and the instructor opens with this phrase, “You are good enough as you came." It took a moment to really let that sink in and understand what it truly meant. I had never heard that before and I loved it! It is so true though. I always go into a work out class or yoga practice with a mantra to repeat to myself to keep me focused and remind me why I signed up in the first place. Usually, these mantras are negative phrases like, “you need to work out because of what you ate last night” or “work harder, you need to be skinnier.” Cute little phrases like that, that really aren’t motivating and are more depressing than anything. I try to keep in mind that I work out because I love my body, not because I hate it. That is easier said than done. 

Sorry, getting off topic here. The real story is that once class got going I could not stop comparing myself to this chick next to me who was absolutely killing it. She had to have been an expert. Her form was spot on, her abs were firing and it didn’t even look like she was sweating. Her flow was effortless and I was envious of her flat stomach. Meanwhile, I am sitting in a puddle of my own sweat barely able to hold downward dog and hating myself for not being as good as her. 

I stopped myself in the middle of my self-loathing pity party. What is the point of that? Was being jealous of her going to make me any better? No! I don’t understand why we can’t genuinely admire another’s accomplishments without feeling the tinge of jealousy and not constantly comparing ourselves to others. I am trying to be better at accepting where I am at in my own fitness journey and being grateful for showing up. 

Everyone needs to know that they are good enough as they came. We are all on different paths to becoming our best selves. Just because the person next to you can do the splits does not make you less worthy or inferior.

My tip for you: stop with the comparison game! It is not going to make you any better. You can only improve on your attitude and how you view yourself.  Thank your body for being able to do the amazing things it does. Be inspired and motivated by those around you. And always remember, you are good enough as you came.



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