Who is the REVLY Girl?

Who is the REVLY Girl?

When it came to starting a swimwear line, Jordan knew that she wanted to break the mold. Instead of producing a typical line that involves oiled up models posing sexily on a beach (nothing wrong with it, just not who we are as awkward individuals), she wanted to create a line with an active lifestyle in mind. She wanted adventurous girls who weren’t afraid to start their own trends and tackle the world. The ones who wear her suits are the ones that embody the woman she has always aspired to be. A confident, completely sure of herself, woman.

 So, you must be wondering, “who is the REVLY girl?” “What is a REVLY girl?” “Am I a REVLY girl?” 

The answer is, if you found yourself on this blog post, interested in joining our revolution, you are absolutely a REVLY girl.


The most important facet of a REVLY girl is her ability to lift up the women around her and serve as an example to others. She is compassionate and caring and focuses on helping the badass women in her life find their confidence and purpose. The REVLY girl does not tear people down and instead focuses on uniting others and sharing differences.

The REVLY girl does not let age define her. She is bold, adventurous and daring. She is kind, down to earth, and the life of the party. The REVLY girl doesn’t care about getting her hair wet or disrupting the peace at a quiet day pool. She is the girl that starts the chicken fights, the one who races her friends up the mountain and starts the beach-wide games of tag.

When you put on your REVLY suit, you are representing a lifestyle. Our suits were designed with YOU in mind, not with your Instagram posing (although I have to admit, our suits do look bomb on your feed). The curve-hugging fabric makes your touch football games and your twerk competitions possible. 

Our girls are passionate about life and making the most of their time on our beautiful planet. REVLY girls are always up for anything and everything.
So, put on your REVLY suit, disrupt the beach, and rock what you got!
-Sydney Blake Thomas 
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