Which REVLY is Best for Me?

Which REVLY is Best for Me?

REVLY is created by women for women to help boost the confidence of every girl that desires to feel beautiful and positive in their swimwear. REVLY was created for those who have bigger or sma want more coverage or less coverage. If ever conflicted about what swimwear to buy for your body type look no further RVELY has your back. As always feel free to contact us with any questions so you love your suit.


Have a bigger bust and want more coverage? The Rachele Top has got you covered. With more coverage in the front and an adorable stylish tie bow in the back, the Rachele brings a chic look that is both cute and supportive. The Rachele top comes in some of our popular colors such as red, hot pink, powder blue, sage, and cotton candy.

If you have a bigger bust and want a little less coverage but the same amount of support. The Cindy Top will be your new best friend, with a cute tie front knot and flattering back side of the suit the Cindy top will do the job. The Cindy top is currently running out in core colors so make sure you buy them soon! While it is flattering on any bust size it is made to always stay supportive for any size bust and keep you moving and happy.

Smaller-bust ladies can rely on the Lauren Top being their go-to top and not worry about any slipping ever. The beautiful triangle sculpted top can cover very well and no matter what active activity you are doing yu will not have to adjust this suit.

Our most popular top that fits any lady and is our number one go-to is the Chance top. The Chance Top is a fitted back top with a cross back that is super flattering and will keep you covered and ready to go with whatever activity. Our chance top comes in all our core colors and other beautiful patterns/colors that we know will look good on any REVLY girl.



If you like a little less coverage in your coverage and showing off a cheeky look. The Blake Bottoms and James Bottoms are your girls. If you like a little high-waisted to hide a little stomach but still want a cheeky look the Krissy bottoms will be your perfect fit. All these bottoms were created for the girl that likes to show a little more bum but also want to keep a secure fit. Our bottoms are created with a comfortable fabric so that unlike other swimwear bottoms they do not ride up while in movement and stay flat in place on your bum no matter what you are doing.

Want to cover a little more bum but still stay secure? The Leigh Bottoms will be your pick. The Leigh bottoms have every other quality of the cheekier bottoms but in this case, just have more coverage. REVLY wants to cater to what every girl wants and prefers to help you stay active and comfortable no matter what you wear.

We are inspired by our everyday REVLY girls that are body positive, confident, and comfortable in what they wear. REVLY wants to continue to be inspired and keep giving quality and flattering swimwear to every girl no matter their size. REVLY is for the girls that like to work out in and out of the water and those who love to swim and those who just want to tan. No matter what your reason is to wear REVLY and stay covered and supportive we are here for you and ready to meet your needs. We are always supporting our REVLY girls.

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