Top Hikes in Southern California

Top Hikes in Southern California

Southern California boasts a diverse landscape that offers outdoor enthusiasts a plethora of breathtaking hiking opportunities. From soaring mountain peaks to scenic coastal trails, the region is a paradise for hikers. We shared our top five hikes in Southern California, each showcasing the unique beauty and adventure that awaits those who venture onto these trails. Our REVLY active swimwear is perfect to wear on any of wondrous hikes. 

Mount Baldy (Mount San Antonio): Mount Baldy, also known as Mount San Antonio, reigns as the highest peak in Los Angeles County and is a must-visit destination for avid hikers. The iconic Baldy Bowl/Ski Hut Trail, a challenging route that rewards hikers with stunning panoramic views, is the most popular choice for tackling this majestic peak. As one ascends through the rugged terrain, the landscape transforms from lush forests to rocky slopes, culminating in an awe-inspiring vista from the summit. On clear days, one can even catch glimpses of the shimmering Pacific Ocean in the distance.

Potato Chip Rock via Mount Woodson: Nestled near Poway, the hike to Potato Chip Rock via Mount Woodson promises a thrilling adventure and a unique geological wonder. This moderate trail leads hikers through picturesque landscapes, including scenic meadows and oak groves. The highlight of the journey is undoubtedly the precarious Potato Chip Rock, a thin sandstone formation that seems to defy gravity. Visitors eagerly pose for photos, capturing the illusion of standing on a potato chip suspended in mid-air. The trail not only offers natural beauty but also a sense of excitement and wonder.

Joshua Tree National Park: While not technically in Southern California, Joshua Tree National Park, situated near the border with Arizona, is a must-include on any list of top hikes in the region. The park's surreal Joshua trees and unique desert landscapes make it a hiker's paradise. With an array of trails to choose from, visitors can explore the otherworldly wonders of Hidden Valley Trail, the historic significance of Barker Dam Trail, or the panoramic vistas atop Ryan Mountain Trail. Joshua Tree National Park beckons adventurers with its striking rock formations, vibrant wildflowers, and stunning sunsets, offering an unforgettable hiking experience.

Three Sisters Falls: For those seeking a more challenging and adventurous trek, Three Sisters Falls in Cleveland National Forest near Descanso presents an opportunity to witness cascading waterfalls amid rugged terrain. This strenuous hike demands determination as hikers navigate steep inclines and rocky descents. However, the effort is rewarded with the sight of three beautiful waterfalls, cascading down the rocky cliffs into refreshing pools below. The journey to Three Sisters Falls combines the thrill of a strenuous hike with the tranquility of nature's serene beauty.


Griffith Observatory to Hollywood Sign: Within the bustling city of Los Angeles lies a hidden gem for hiking enthusiasts: the trail from Griffith Observatory to the iconic Hollywood Sign. This urban hike offers a unique blend of natural beauty and cultural landmarks. Beginning at Griffith Observatory, hikers ascend through Griffith Park, passing by rugged canyons, lush forests, and panoramic overlooks of the sprawling city below. The trail culminates with the grandeur of the Hollywood Sign, an emblematic symbol of the entertainment industry. The hike provides an opportunity to escape the city's hustle and bustle while soaking in breathtaking views of Los Angeles.

Southern California is a hiker's paradise, offering an array of remarkable trails that showcase the region's diverse landscapes. From the towering heights of Mount Baldy to the unique rock formations of Potato Chip Rock, the region presents a tapestry of natural wonders. Joshua Tree National Park, Three Sisters Falls, and the Griffith Observatory to Hollywood Sign trail add further dimensions to the hiking experience, ensuring that adventurers can explore Southern California from many different heights. Our REVLY activewear will help keep you comfortable and fashionable while climbing these trails.

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