Sweat Once A Freaking Day

Sweat Once A Freaking Day

As you all know, in December the REVLY team made a pledge to sweat once a day together. Since we put our message out there (and put an obscene number of selfies on our media about it), we have been asked how we have found the motivation to stick to our resolution… we’ve also been asked how to get in shape for spring break. Instead of a push for a “spring break body”, let’s have a paradigm shift. Let’s not fixate on an end goal and put your body through hell by over exercising and under eating, try to focus on the journey. So instead of being mad at ourselves for the way we look, let’s be mad at ourselves for when we let our goals fall by the way side and we let our cheat day turn into cheat week. When you stop focusing on every detail of your body that you hate, and start thinking of it as this incredible machine that allows you to do amazing things greatness will begin to happen. Simply accepting the mantra of “sweat once a day” will get you there. Sometimes it is as simple as getting off your ass and moving. There are so many times when you’ve had a long day or you are too tired and you make excuses and tell yourself that you’ll hit the gym tomorrow. If you adopt the attitude of rocking what you got and striving to be your best version, you will be infinitely happier. Let’s face it, when you are happy it is easier to be motivated and take better care of yourself and not fall into a depressive slump of self loathing.

Social media has been KEY to this journey together. In December, Jordan graduated and moved back to San Diego to get the ~REVLY train moving~. Because Lauryn and I don’t graduate until May, we have to keep the flame (and business) alive as best as we can in our new long-distance relationship. Therefore, Snapchat has helped us keep each other in check with our #SweatOnceADay. I swear, not a day goes by without getting a snap from Jordan either asking me how my workout went or showing me the sweat after her own. This has been so motivational because often I lose myself during the week and get sidetracked.

What I also find helpful is group workouts and activities with my friends. Instead of coordinating a big dinner with everyone (saving you money and calories, you’re welcome), organize the group to meet at a cycling or kickboxing class. You can de-stress at a yoga studio, and then hit the town! There is nothing better than having your friends around you while you sweat it out and then grabbing lunch or shopping afterward. A lot of fitness studios have great “first class” or “first week” free deals, so check them out and try an activity you’ve never done before. My roommates and I signed up for a free week at a kickboxing studio (just throwing that out there in case you needed some inspiration) and I can’t wait. Even if you can’t find a class or a gym, go for a walk. You don’t need to be sweating like a maniac or pay for a gym membership to receive benefits. So while you’re getting your steps in call your mom, grab a friend or listen to a podcast. Walking doesn’t have to be boring.

 My biggest tool is having friends that hold me accountable. When I’m having a lazy day, I lean on my friends to motivate me to get up and at ‘em! Working out keeps my heart healthy, my body strong and lessens my anxiety in a way that nothing else does. It took me a while, especially in college, to get to a point where I truly wanted to work out and stay active. I was always overwhelmed by the other people around me, and instead of being motivated by the people in the classes, I felt like they were judging me. I worked out because I knew that I had to, not because I wanted to. Where to workout, how to workout, and who to workout with was always a point of anxiety for me. Now, working out is a part of my regular routine and I love getting the chance to sweat.

That’s why it hasn’t been hard to keep our word. The reasoning behind “sweat once a day” was to help implement lifestyle changes for us and keep us moving forward. This isn’t a resolution or a fad that we want to keep around just for a short period of time, we want "sweating once a day" to be ingrained in us forever.

The best thing you can invest in is yourself. That’s why, when I was asked to write about our “spring break bodies,” I was really torn. I don’t ever want to write a piece that pushes you to act irrationally in a short period of time just to look a certain way for a vacation. I want you to always make it a priority to workout to keep yourself healthy and happy. I, of all people, know how easy it is to lose yourself and want to do anything to get your groove back. Start small, build up that strength and have fun!

I don’t even want to give diet tips because my food allergies make it really difficult for me to give a tasty diet for you. Currently, I am completely dairy and gluten free and I LOVE how I feel. But that is not for everyone and if I had a say, it wouldn’t be my first choice either. My advice: just remember everything in moderation. Balance your meals, cook more often than you go out to eat and try not to drink your calories. Also, keep track of your daily water intake, you’ll be shocked by how little you are drinking and it is the most important thing to put in your body.

 When I have a vacation coming up, I do watch my diet and make sure to workout whenever possible. But as I have gotten older, I realize that I don’t have to act irrationally just to look a certain way for others. There have been so many times in college that I have avoided formals or parties that have surrounded bikinis. The anxiety of what other people have to say about me clouded my judgment and left me out of really fun events. Now, I realize that I truly do not give a shit what anyone else has to say about my body. It’s my body, and I am learning every day how to love it more and more. So workout because you love your body, not because you hate it.

Pool party coming up? Let’s do it. I’ll be the loud one belly flopping and ruining everybody’s day.


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