Styling Tips for the Pool to the Gym

Styling Tips for the Pool to the Gym

We know how important pool days are in the heat this summer… so don’t waste any time and go straight from your pool day to a quick gym session. Here are some styling tips to help you effortlessly do so:

Opt for a versatile swimsuit: Choose a swimsuit that can easily double as a sports bra or crop top. Look for styles with athletic-inspired designs, such as high necklines, racerback straps, or mesh panels. This way, you can pair it with workout bottoms for your gym session. Our Chance Top – or any Revly Hybrid Top – is the perfect option for just that. Our Everyday Biker Shorts and Leggings are just an added bonus to complete the gym look.

Layer with a lightweight cover-up: Throw on a stylish cover-up like a loose-fitting sundress, a sheer kimono, or a breezy tunic over your swimsuit. This will provide coverage and make you feel more comfortable when transitioning from the pool area to the gym.

Accessorize minimally: Keep your accessories minimal to avoid any interference during your pool day and your workout. Opt for a water-resistant watch if you choose to wear one, that way it can tolerate the pool water and sweat. 

We are proud to have sustainable swimwear that also doubles as activewear for exactly this reason. Remember to embrace your personal style and choose pieces that make you feel confident both at the pool and in the gym. By combining swimwear with appropriate activewear and accessories, you can create a stylish and practical look that seamlessly takes you from the pool to your workout routine.

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