Some of Our Favorite Fitness Influencers to Follow

Some of Our Favorite Fitness Influencers to Follow

Fitness influencers have become a powerful force in motivating and inspiring individuals on their journey toward health and wellness. With their captivating content and relatable stories, these influencers have amassed a significant following. That’s why here at REVLY, we love to follow fitness influencers, exploring how they provide guidance, motivation, and a sense of community in our pursuit of a healthy lifestyle.

We follow several fitness influencers, here are a few favorites:

Pernilla Stryker | @pernillastryker

Pernilla is a certified personal trainer, life coach, and dancer with a mission of helping others to experience a life full of love, self-trust, strength, awareness, joy, power, play, and fulfillment. Over her journey, she has created numerous programs and guides, everywhere from recipes to self-discovery, to help others become physically and mentally strong. She has a YouTube, podcast, and app all to help you create a happier life. 


Sarah Strauss | @fit_and_dedicated

Sarah is the founder of Fit and Dedicated Athletics, created around empowering women to change their lives, and bodies, and feel strong in their own skin. She is a personal trainer and nutrition coach and uses her platform to inspire women all over the world. Because REVLY is women-owned, and designed for all women, we feel inspired by Sarah and her mission to help women gain a strong body with no dietary restrictions. 

Libby Petrucci | @iamthelibster

Libby is an online personal trainer and female nutrition specialist. She has an app with home and gym workouts for all levels and is active with her fitness on all her social platforms. More recently, Alana is pregnant with her first child and has continued her fitness journey throughout, motivating women to stay active and live healthy throughout life's challenges. 

Fitness influencers play a pivotal role in our fitness journeys, providing guidance, motivation, and a sense of community. Their expert advice, inspirational transformations, and diverse workout content empower us to make positive changes in our lives. By following these influencers, we gain access to a wealth of knowledge, personalized motivation, and a supportive network of individuals on a similar path. Let's embrace the power of fitness influencers and allow their passion and expertise to inspire us as we strive for a healthier, happier lifestyle.

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