REVLY Top 5: Fitness Influencers You Need To Be Following

REVLY Top 5: Fitness Influencers You Need To Be Following

1. Claire Thomas


This former D1 track star babe is all about pushing her body to the limit. She is an absolute BEAST in the gym and creates a new definition of the word strong. She is always recommending different foods, supplements and loves to indulge just as much as she loves to train. Claire’s easy-to-make at home breakfasts will change your life. Her CPT full body fit guide will inspire you to train hard and be the best version of yourself. She embodies everything that the REVLY girl stands for. Check out her social channels to learn more about this athlete. Claire also happens to love her REVLY bikinis.  


2. Remi Cruz


If you aren’t following one of Remi’s many Instagram accounts, we don’t know what you’re doing with your life. Remi got her start on YouTube but has taken over Instagram since then. She has her main account, a fitstagram, a food account and a bloopers page. She is fun loving, hard working and all around amazing. Definitely shoot her a follow if you are looking for some inspiration in all areas of your life.


3. Johanna Sophia


Johanna’s instagram is all about sharing fitness and food tips and tricks with her extremely loyal following. She takes you on her own personal fitness journey every day, sharing before and afters and progress photos along the way. Johanna always posts uplifting quotes about loving your body and not punishing it (which screams REVLY). We love getting fitness advice from this power woman!


4. Nathalia Melo-Wilson


Nathalia is a mom of two who focuses on post natal training and puts together programs like “Fitness for Kickass Mamas” in her Mother Strong League. She inspires women to keep themselves strong and use fitness as a “me time” even when being a mother can be so overwhelming. We love that Nathalia uses her platform not only to showcase her own rocking bod, but provides content to inspire and join together all of the moms out there! The world needs more women like her.


5. Whitney Simmons


Isn’t it amazing when you can go to one Instagram profile for all things fitness, beauty, and travel? If you haven’t found the right account yet it's because you aren’t following Whitney Simmons. This beauty is an unbelievable fitspo model but also uses her platform to show off her style, vacations and real life. Whitney is incredible at inspiring her audience and loves to joke around with her followers. It is so refreshing to see people be raw and authentic on social media these days. When you follow Whitney, you feel like you really know her. 

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