REVLY Holiday Gift Guide

REVLY Holiday Gift Guide

As the holidays are fast approaching, you may be stumped on what to get that special someone this year. Well fret no longer, because here at REVLY, we have rounded up this year’s hottest gifts to give, and we promise that your lucky someone will be oh so thrilled! And for an extra special bestie, make sure to snag them a REVLY gift card so they too can buy their new favorite suit. Cue the sleigh bells, grab a warm cup of hot cocoa, and keep reading to get in the Christmas spirit.

1. Pilates gift set - Ankle Weights and Sliders

As you have probably seen on instagram, Bala bangles and sliders are the hot new pilates accessories. They come in so many fun colors - perfect for matching your bestie’s aesthetic. They are comfortable, cute, and encourage you to get your sweat on. Throw on one of our REVLY hybrid tops and try an ankle weight workout this holiday season to really ring in the New Year.

2. Nike Metcon 4 Training Shoes

These are our favorite training shoes at REVLY, and we know they will be yours too! They are the perfect mix of flexible and supportive, and can be worn anywhere from a fiery HIIT circuit to a casual stroll around the block. They come in a bunch of cool color combinations, so make sure to grab a pair that reflect YOU!

3. Gua Sha Facial Lifting Tool

Gua Sha has been around for a couple years now, but a high quality Jade one will leave your skin feeling firm and flawless. Gua Shas are for promoting the lifting and smoothing of the skin, and help with anti-aging to leave you wrinkle free! Not to mention, they are a great step to add to your morning routine. Pop one in the freezer for an extra spa-like effect.

4. Bento Box

This one is for the healthy eater or the avid meal-prepper. This bento box is convenient, sleek, and has so many compartments so that you can load up on the snack varieties. This is a great gift for someone who loves cooking, and packs their own lunches for work or school.

5. Essential Oil Diffuser

Essential oils have many healing properties and can be used to unwind from any stress or bottled up emotions. This diffuser lights up different colors, allowing for you to optimize the vibe of your whole room while inhaling relaxing scents - sign us up!

6. Foam Roller

This is for your friend who works out… hard. Recovery is just as important as working out, and gifting a cute new foam roller could be everything that your friend didn't know they needed this year. Not to mention, how cute are the marble colors??

7. Small Business Scrunchies and Claw Clips

Amy Wilichowski (ig: @amywilichowski ) is one of our favorite bloggers here at REVLY, and she is a wealth of knowledge when it comes to food, recipes, and nutrition. However, she also runs her own small business, selling hand sewn scrunchies and claw clips straight out of Boston. Check out her website to order some of her handmade goodies for your gals this year - they are so beautiful and filled with so much love!

Happy Holidays! We cant wait to see which REVLY suit Santa leaves for you under the Christmas tree (;

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