Our Top 4 Favorite At-Home Workouts

Our Top 4 Favorite At-Home Workouts

Do you ever feel like you're doing the same workouts over and over again - a workout rut perhaps? REVLY has got you covered. Below we have listed our top 4 favorite at-home workout influencers, ranging from sweaty HIIT to relaxing Yin yoga stretching. Spice up your fitness routine by checking out these epic fitness influencers - you won't regret it!

1. Sami Clarke (@samiclarke)

Sami Clarke is a fiery Columbian babe serving up some sweaty HIIT circuits on her channel. She has follow along videos ranging from 5 minute abs to 40 minute full body, and she guides you through the whole workout. You're guaranteed a great workout whenever you train with Sami, and not to mention she plays great music!

2. Madfit (@madfit.ig)

Maddie Lymburner (MadFit) is such a sweetheart, and she gives a killer workout! The great thing about MadFit’s Youtube channel is the variety of workouts that are available. Whether it's a dance workout to your favorite pop song, or a 15 minute upper body shred, you will always have a smile on your face after Madfit’s videos. Check her out!

3. Rumble Boxing (@doyourumble)

Rumble boxing is one of the best workouts to add to your workout repertoire if you want a great conditioning session. Not to mention, it's a complete blast! At the start of the pandemic Rumble started hosting Instagram lives with all of their instructors from across the U.S. Don't underestimate this workout without the punching bag - it's a serious full body burn. Check out our favorite Rumble coach @erikaannhammond for a killer workout, or head to Rumble’s Instagram for a myriad of other options. 

4. Move with Nicole (@movewithnicole)

Nicole McPherson is best known for her killer pilates and yoga workouts. As a professional dancer, she is very creative with her workouts and always finds new ways to spice them up. She has a bunch of different types and lengths of workout classes on her Youtube channel, and she's always releasing new content. Go check out this Aussie babe and try out her workouts to feel the burn in all the right places. 


Try some of these out next time you want to get a good sweat in and let us know how much you love them!

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