Our Newest Drop

Our Newest Drop

Our newest drop is here! It was inspired by the vibrant colors of Miami Beach. Miami Beach is a symphony of vibrant colors that evoke feelings of joy, excitement, and energy. Our two newest colors, Flamingo Shimmer and Seafoam Shimmer were born from this collection! These new colors are available in all of our best selling styles now! 

Summer is here, and it's time to hit the pool or the beach in style! What better way to make a splash than by donning fun swimwear in captivating colors like Flamingo Shimmer and Seafood Shimmer? These unique and vibrant shades will ensure you stand out from the crowd while exuding a sense of playfulness and confidence.

Imagine the vivid pink hue of a Flamingo's feathers, radiating warmth and tropical vibes. Flamingo Shimmer is the embodiment of this vibrant color, perfect for those who want to add a touch of boldness to their swimwear ensemble. It's a shade that embodies femininity and power, allowing you to embrace your inner confidence while enjoying the sun-kissed days of summer. Flamingo Shimmer comes in various top styles: Lola Hybrid Top, Chance Hybrid Top, and Jessie Hybrid Top. The fun, show-stopping color also comes in our Cheeky Blake Bottoms and Leigh Bottoms-Classic. 

Inspired by the colors of the deep sea, this mesmerizing hue blends shades of teal, turquoise, and aquamarine to create a captivating visual delight. Sea Foam Shimmer evokes feelings of serenity and relaxation, making it the perfect choice for those seeking a tranquil escape from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. Seafoam Shimmer comes in the same styles as the Flamingo Shimmer: Lola Hybrid Top, Chance Hybrid Top, Jessie Hybrid Top, Cheeky Blake Bottoms and Classic Leigh Bottoms. 

Whether you choose Flamingo Shimmer or Sea Foam Shimmer, both colors promise to add a sense of excitement and joy to your summer adventures. These playful hues allow you to express your individuality and embrace your love for all things vibrant and captivating.So, grab your Flamingo Shimmer or Seafood Shimmer swimwear, pack your beach bag with sunscreen and a good book, and get ready to make a splash this summer!

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