Our Favorite Surf Spots in Southern California

Our Favorite Surf Spots in Southern California

Surfing has become more than just a sport. It has evolved into a lifestyle and cultural phenomenon. Surfing used to be such a male-dominated sport and recently in the past couple of years, there has been a significant increase in the visibility and recognition of women's surfing in Southern California. Female surfers have gained more prominence, both in competitions and in the marketing and promotion of surf brands. This has led to the growth of women's-specific surf gear and apparel. REVLY is the beginning of a female-forward brand that wants to recognize the women who surf. REVLY can be worn anywhere around Southern California for a fun surf session. Here are our top 3 favorite surf spots that you should wear your REVLY in.

     1. Laguna Beach:

The birthplace of REVLY and where our founder Jordan Robbins is from. Because of this, Laguna Beach will always have a soft spot in our hearts. Laguna has some great beaches for surfing. One of our favorites is Salt Creek Beach in Orange County, California. A small, offshore reef creates some of the best left swells along the entire coastline.  Salt Creek Beach is a great place for surfers who like some bigger waves on average during the winter and summer seasons. The water in Salt Creek starts to warm up around the month of May and although the waves may be bigger, we swear that our suit will stay up. After an amazing surf session at Salt Creek Beach, if you’re feeling hungry there is a small shack called Young’s Beach Shack just a 3-minute walk from the water, where you can get some great food after an eventful surf session. Salt Creek is great for a chill and relaxed beach day or a wild surf session. It’s a must for a Southern California go-to.

     2. Manhattan Beach:

Manhattan Beach is a great surf spot no matter the season. During the summertime when the water is warm, the waves tend to be smaller which means it's longboard season. During the wintertime when the swell picks, up it tends to be a better shortboard season. The best spot specifically in Manhattan Beach though is El Porto Beach. El Porto is just a smaller section of Manhattan around 40th – 45th street that is known for great big wave surf in the winter when the swell comes in and small waves for a fun summer of longboarding. Manhattan Beach always has the best waves around early morning to noon but every once in a while, you can catch a beautiful sunset surf. Manhattan Beach will never steer you wrong. Definitely worth the visit and surf session. Best of all make sure to visit our REVLY shop while you are there and say hello.

     3. San Onofre:

San Onofre (AKA SanO) is located in San Diego County in the city of San Clemente. If you love short boarding all year-round Lower Trestles is the place for you. Lower Trestles, on the south side of the San Mateo Creek River mouth, is a world-famous surf break with a packed and talented lineup to prove it. In the summer/fall during the south swell season, you can witness modern power surfing at its best. For the casual long boarders we love Old Man's Beach – also known as San Onofre State Surfing Beach – is a world-renowned surf spot. Old Man’s lies just north of the Nuclear Plant. Some locals swear the ocean is warmer at Old Man’s, where water used to cool the reactors is pumped back out to sea, but at least, by all accounts, it is not radioactive. Old Man’s won its fame in the early history of the sport when heavy wooden longboards demanded softer, slower waves. No matter what waves you prefer San Onofre will always meets your needs. Best of all, San Onofre is one of the few spots where you can get good surf no matter the time of day whether it's 8 am, 2 pm, or 5 pm. The waves never die there. Be sure to wear your favorite REVLY suit to never have to worry about any slips. 

Our REVLY girls are all around Southern California, surfing to their delight. REVLY girls are active and adventurous in their own way. Whether you wear a wetsuit or not, we swear that any REVLY suit you wear on any beach will hold its own and last for many fun and gnarly surf sessions.



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