How We Named Our First Collection

How We Named Our First Collection

One of the most fun (yet low-key stressful) parts of creating REVLY, was finding unique names for each piece in our debut collection. We needed names that we would love forever! Since this is our first ever collection (*cue our happy dance*) and hopefully the basics we carry around forever, we knew that these names had to be important to us but also cute, catchy and fun. After a few weeks of going back and forth, Jordan decided that we should honor some of the amazing women in our lives by naming an essential piece after each of them. We took parts of their names, nicknames or middle names to create a cohesive collection that we are beyond proud of.

The Chance 

The Chance top is named after my little sister, Hayden Chance. She is sporty, stylish, and always on the go. Her life revolves around making friends and she has a ridiculously active schedule. Seriously, the girl is 12 and has a more happening social life than I do. Our Chance top is built to support the sporty girl who never misses an opportunity to compete.

The Lola

 The Lola is our staple bralette top that Jordan chose to name after her BFF, Lauryn. This top is sexy, sleek and is the perfect accent for the kind of girl that is the life of the party, i.e. Lauryn. Lauryn is spunky, unique and always down for some fun (which, I must say, we captured flawlessly with our Lola top). Often called Lola by her closest friends and family, we stole her nickname and bestowed it upon your new favorite top.

The Joy

The Joy triangle top is named after Lauyrn’s mother, Tammy Joy. She is the most down to earth, kind hearted and selfless woman we know. Happiness is an infectious quality we should all spread around more. Tammy embodies this and we are so honored to name our top after this super woman.

The Leigh 

The Leigh bottom honors my little sister, Ashleigh, and Jordan’s grandmother, Audrey Lee.  The Leigh is your classic bathing suit bottom that offers full coverage and is perfect for all ages.

The Blake 

Apparently preferring my middle name over my first, Jordan chose to name our cheeky bottoms in honor of me. I’m kidding, but also, thanks girly! The Blake bottoms are cheeky, fun and seamless which offers an extremely comfortable fit (perfect for dance battles by the pool). I can’t sit here and compliment myself too much or this description would get weird, so I just will leave it at that and thank Jordan for deeming me worthy enough to stamp my name on her first ever collection.

The James 

The James skimpy bottom was named in honor of Jordan’s little sister, Jamie. Jamie is hysterical, beautiful and constantly in a bikini. Our James bottom encapsulates our “Rock What U Got” mantra. This is the type of bikini bottom that exudes confidence and fun. Jamie is beyond cool and you can almost always find her frolicking around in a bikini somewhere warm.

The Elle 

Our Elle one piece gets it's name from Jordan’s incredible mother, Michelle. Michelle is smart, confident, hysterical and has an answer to every question you could ever throw her way. Our Elle one piece is sleek, curve-hugging and oozes a luxe appeal without trying hard. This one piece is the perfect staple in our collection to receive the honor of Michelle’s name. 


The Sloan

Surprise, the Sloan one piece is named after ANOTHER one of my sisters (I swear she is the last one). Sloan is stunning and unbelievably intelligent. Her positive attitude is contagious and she draws everyone into her aura, exactly like our Sloan one piece. This is a sexy fit that doubles as a bodysuit and can seamlessly go from day-to-night, no questions asked.


We are so excited for you all to see the first REVLY collection. Stay tuned for our launch date announcement coming soon!


Sydney Blake

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love it!when does the collection come out?


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