How to Style Activewear for Your Summer Europe Trip

How to Style Activewear for Your Summer Europe Trip

The summer sun is shining all around the Northern Hemisphere and that calls for some fun travelling. Europe is always a popular traveling spot for the summer. Traveling to Europe can be an excellent opportunity to showcase your fashion sense and experiment with different styles. During the summer, you can experiment with lightweight fabrics, bold prints, and vibrant colors, creating fresh and breezy outfits. Some top tips to style your activewear this summer are:

  1. Play with colors and patterns: Incorporate vibrant colors and fun patterns into your activewear ensemble. This will help you stand out while exploring the streets of Europe. Mix and match different colors and patterns to create unique combinations.
  2. Dress up with athleisure: For a more polished look, embrace the athleisure trend. Pair your activewear pieces with fashionable items like a cropped jacket or oversized tee with bike shorts.
  3. Choose functional fabrics: Look for activewear made from moisture-wicking and breathable fabrics. These materials will keep you cool and comfortable during your travels. REVLY will always have your back to give you comfortable fabrics in every athleisure piece you receive.

If ever in doubt of what REVLY pieces to take to your summer Europe trip we got you with some inspiration and ideas.

The Jessie Hybrid top is a must-have for your trip. The Jessie Top can double as a cute swimsuit top with some navy ribbed bottoms or as a super cute crop top styled with some blue or white denim shorts by day or some navy or black leggings by night. On top, you can wear it with a black jacket for extra coverage if needed. The best part is whether you are partying around Europe or just walking around enjoying the views the Jessie top will always keep you secure.

Whether you are playing tennis, pickleball or just looking for a flowy look to walk around Europe in, the Everyday Tennis Skirt has got your back. You can style this cute Everyday Tennis Skirt with the Jessie Hybrid top or any cute basic crop top with some Converse shoes to complete the look. The Everyday Tennis skirt can be dressed up to look a little fancier or dressed down to look very casual. Either way this skirt should be a must for a Europe luggage necessity.

Last but not least, if you plan on working out or strolling by the beaches of Europe the Everyday Bike short in either Powder Blue or Black will always be your go-to. The Everyday Bike Short is the best way to stay comfortable while wearing an oversized short sleeve or a crop top like the Jessie Top and feel comfortable in movement all around Europe. The soft comfortable fabric will never scrunch up and always stay in place no matter what you do. The bike shorts will be your best friend in Europe.

No matter where you go REVLY will always be by your side. We promise you will always be comfortable with our clothes and whether you dress our items fancy or casually you’ll get some cute pictures in. Especially in the summer REVLY has you covered and secured.
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