A REVLY Top For Every Activity

A REVLY Top For Every Activity

Our tops here at REVLY are designed to support you in anything you choose to do, whether it be tanning on the beach, hitting the waves for an epic surf sesh, or crushing a sweaty workout in the gym. In this post, we have outlined which of our tops are best for certain activities. Make sure to shop our tops to reach your full potential, and don't forget to send us pics of you sporting your favorite REVLY suit. 


Best REVLY tops for certain activities:

Chance = high impact, surfing, running

Our Chance Top is our most supportive top, and it's guaranteed that you will be comfortable and secure during higher intensity activities. Wear your Chance top during a HIIT workout or jumping rope, and just be confident that it won't go anywhere!



Lola = yoga, hiking, pilates, walking

Our Lola Top is cute and comfortable, and is better for lower intensity activities. The thinner straps will hold you in but not cut into your shoulders, and you'll be sure to stand out in the pilates or yoga studio.


Alex = lifting, beach volleyball, dancing

Our Alex Top is great for lifting weights, hitting the tennis courts, or even just dancing around your room. Supportive, stylish, and super eye catching, our Alex Top will be sure to turn some heads during your next leg day.

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