8 Ways to Give Back this Holiday Season

8 Ways to Give Back this Holiday Season

At REVLY, we have a commitment to community. Giving back can come in all shapes and sizes, but can make a significant impact on others. Giving back can bring a community together, raise awareness, and foster love and gratitude within a local unity. Give the gift of giving back this holiday season, not only will its spark joy in you, it will leave your community feeling more full and cheerful. These are a few of our favorite ways to make a difference this holiday season.

Participate in a food drive

Whether it's a jar of peanut butter that hides in the back of our pantry untouched, cans of beans, or a couple spare rolls of toilet paper, your unused supplies can be put to good use this year. Donate your items to a local food drive, or even start your own neighborhood drive! Small donations like this can make a big impact on the community and help others stock their shelves with food this holiday season. 

Donate to a charity

Even small donations can make a BIG impact to those in need. Some of our favorite charities here at REVLY are Girls Inc., St. Jude, Toys for Tots, and the Make-A-Wish Foundation, to name a few. Donating to these charities can help foster a magical Christmas for children in need, and can help spread joy and love through the community. 


If you have some spare time this holiday season, volunteer at your local animal shelter, senior living center, or children's library. This is an excellent way to give back this holiday season, and allows you to really connect with your community on a more personal level. A smiling face and a positive attitude goes a long way, and those around you will genuinely appreciate your time and help.

Random acts of kindness

Giving back does not have to be a large, grandiose, gesture. Giving back can be as small as giving a compliment to a stranger, or helping an elderly person cross the street. Small acts of kindness make a greater impact on those around you, and it will leave you with a smile on your face and gratitude in other’s hearts. 

Beach Clean Up

This is a fun way to get outside with your friends and family, grab a trash bag and some gloves, and pick up washed up plastic. Our beaches need us. Feel good about making a difference while soaking in that ocean air. 


What better is there to give back to our planet than recycling! We are fortunate to live on this planet, so we should show it the gratitude and compassion it deserves. Take a bag of plastic bottles to your local recycle center, pick up a piece of trash on the street, or simply switch to more sustainable grocery bags- it will really help our planet! Small acts like these can go a long way.

Support a small business

Shopping through small businesses this gifting season can really help privately owned stores survive. So instead of hitting your local department store for the perfect gift, make an effort to shop through small businesses. Chances are, shopping locally ensures better quality and value - you can feel the passion, care, and love that went into the product. Gifts from local businesses have more personality, and it can really help artisans out!

Express your gratitude

This one often goes unnoticed, but can leave some of the biggest impacts on those around you. Whether its saying thank you to a barista for your delicious oat milk latte, telling someone in your family how much they mean to you, or expressing sincere gratitude to healthcare workers, a simple thank-you can change a person’s day, or even life. Give the gift of gratitude not only this holiday season, but every day. It will change your life, and the lives of those around you.

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