2018: The Year of Us

2018: The Year of Us

There is no place worse than the gym on January 1st. Every machine is taken, the office has a wraparound line with new people signing up for memberships, and waiting for a smoothie at the snack bar is out of the question. Okay, that was dramatic, there are places far worse than this but at the same time, I know that you know what I mean.

The reason this happens is because the pressure we put on people to create New Year's resolutions. These are never tangible resolutions like “take the dog on one more walk per day” or “wash your eye make up off every night.” No, we have normalized unbelievably far-fetched resolutions that set us up for failure. I kid you not, one year my resolution was “be a completely better person by this time next year.” What the hell does that even mean?

What stresses me out is the huge pressure placed on people to set their resolutions surrounding weight loss and dieting. This is a nightmare because a) telling yourself you’re going to lose 10 pounds by next weekend isn’t going to magically happen and b) it makes working out and eating healthier into more of a crash course, short-term “thing” with the intent to lose weight and doesn’t promote encouraging overall healthy lifestyle choices.

Dieting and fads are never the answer. We commit to these crazy diets yet it is nearly impossible to keep the weight off long term. Repeat the mantra with me: dieting and fads are NEVER the answer! Why should they be? Love yourself enough to want the best for your body forever and don’t hurt it in the short-term just because social media is telling you to. If I see one more Instagram model post about Fit Tea, I am going to flame out.

Instead of looking to the Internet for your favorite celebrity’s tip on how to lose 12 pounds in two weeks, look online for how to best balance meals specifically for your own body type and watch positive results begin to happen naturally. The longer you commit to a healthier lifestyle, the happier you will be.

Resolutions are tough and trust me, I get it. I am the queen of making false promises to myself on January 1st and then by February 1st it’s as if short-term memory loss kicked in and I don't even know what I claimed to be changing. Because I always make my resolutions these unattainable goals (i.e. lose 20 pounds in a month) that seem too large and then I lose sight of it all. Focusing on smaller, positive changes are the only way to reach your goals.

The best option is to start with minor, but realistic goals. There is a reason the gym doesn’t stay as packed through the entire year. When you tell yourself you’re going to lose a copious amount of weight instead of just promising to dedicate each day to bettering your lifestyle, you feel discouraged when you don’t see immediate results and the frustration leads to quitting.

Personally, I believe in setting daily goals. Why not set daily resolutions? Wake up each morning and make a mental checklist of the things you want to achieve and then focus on implementing them. There is nothing more fulfilling than when you make a checklist and get to tick off the final box. Before bed each night, I visualize how I want my next day to be and everything I want to get done in a specific order. That way, when I get to bed the following evening I feel accomplished and my head hits the pillow even harder.

A sample resolution: Make one choice each day that is completely focused on me and what I need to do to keep my cup full. That choice can surround working out and making smart food choices, but it can also be taking a few moments to yourself to breathe and do an activity that you like to do. Keep yourself happy and put yourself first.

At REVLY, we’ve made a joint resolution: we promise to sweat at least once a day (and unfortunately for me, Jordan says the meat sweats don’t count).

Let's make 2018 the year of us. There is a huge body positivity movement going around right now that is pushing back against resolutions because “we’re perfect just the way we are”. But here’s the thing, at REVLY we believe that there is always room for improvement in every aspect of life: as a person, as a daughter, as a friend or as a partner. We should always set goals that remind us each day to keep improving. We shouldn’t strive to be the “skinniest” or “prettiest” versions of ourselves. Let’s instead promise to make one choice every day that makes us the healthiest and the happiest. Don’t make resolutions because you hate your current self, make resolutions because you want to be the best version of yourself. A positive mindset can change everything, its time to embrace it.

What works for you? Comment your resolutions below!


Happy 2018 from the REVLY team.


Sydney Blake

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